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논문 상세정보

Synthesis of 3-Alkylthio-6-Allylthiopyridazine Derivatives and Their Antihepatocarcinoma Activity


The allylthio group of allicin and other organosulfur compounds, isolated from garlic, is considered a pharmacophore, and a key structure component of the molecule, which affords biological activities. In the foregoing studies, various 3-alkoxy-6-allylthiopyridazine derivatives (K­compounds) were synthesized, and their biological activities tested in animals. As expected, the various derivatives showed good hepatoprotective activities on carbon tetrachloride-treated mice and aflatoxin B1-treated rats, and chemopreventive activities on hepatocarcinoma cells in rats. Other new pyridazine derivatives, with the oxygen atom at the 3-position of the 3-alkoxy­6-allylthiopyridazine displaced by sulfur (S), were synthesized, and their activities tested in vitro. Thio-K6, one of the sulfur-substituted compounds, showed better chemopreventive activity toward hepatocarcinoma cells.

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이 논문을 인용한 문헌 (2)

  1. Kwon Soon-Kyoung ; Lee Myung-Sook 2005. "Synthesis of 3-Allylthio-6-heterocyclylalkylaminopyidazine Derivatives and their Anti-tumor Activities Against SK-Hep-1 Human Liver Cancer Cells" 약학회지 = Yakhak hoeji, 49(6): 505~510 
  2. 2010. "" Archives of pharmacal research : a publication of the Pharmaceutical Society of Korea, 33(2): 189~196 


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