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논문 상세정보


This paper presents the section model for analysis of RC circular tower structures based on nonlinear material laws. The governing equations for normal strains due to the bending moment and the normal force are derived in the case when openings are located symmetrically in respect to the bending direction. In this approach the additional reinforcement at openings is also taken into account. The mathematical model is expressed in the form of a set of nonlinear equations which are solved by means of the minimization of the sums of the second powers of the residuals. For minimization the BFGS quasi-Newton and/or Hooke-Jeeves local minimizers suitably modified are applied to take into account the box constraints on variables. The model is verified on the set of data encountered in engineering practice. The numerical examples illustrate the effects of the loading eccentricity and size of the opening on the strains and stresses in concrete and steel in the cross-sections under consideration. Calculated results indicate that the additional reinforcement at the openings increases the resistance capacity of the section by several percent.

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