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논문 상세정보

마이크로 믹서에서 와도 지수에 의한 비용해성 물질의 혼합 예측

Prediction of Degree of Mixing for Insoluble Solution with Vortex Index in a Passive Micromixer


The 'Mixing Index($D_I$)' is used as a conventional guidance measuring the degree of mixing for multiphase flows. For the case when insoluble solutions flow in a passive micromixer, a new method to calculate $D_I$ is proposed. The 'Vortex Index(${\Omega}_I$)' is suggested and formulated. We infer that ${\Omega}_I$ relates to the degree of chaotic advection. Various arbitrary shaped microchannels were tested to calculate the $D_I\;and\;{\Omega}_I$, and then a simple algebraic equation, $D_I=Aexp(B{\Omega}_I)$, is obtained. This equation may be used instead of the conventional partial differential equation, concentration equation, to estimate the degree of mixing.

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