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논문 상세정보

장애인 생활환경실태 조사연구

A Study on Analysis of Actual Condition of Physical Living Environment for the Challenged People


This study was from the survey on the items related to the challenges, the activity frequency of the challenged people and the places where these activities take place and the satisfaction and the demands on the facilities for the challenged people from 1,284 challenged people over the age of 20 living in Korea nation wide. From the survey, it was shown that the biggest demand lied in the improvement of the facilities related to the transportation and access for their residence and social activities. They felt they are inconvenient for the perspective of the implementation rate. Additionally, they had high desire for culture and physical educational activities. Improvements to provide convenient environments where the challenged people can access to and use the facilities as conveniently as unchallenged people do by minimizing the physical hindrances are urgently needed. For time being, many facilities for the challenged people was supplied to improve the physical environments for challenged people, however, foreign regulations had to be adopted for these job due to insufficient date on physical conditions of the challenged people in Korea. Moreover, current facilities for the challenged people emphasized more on physical aspect and the facility itself without the considerations on the overall environments, as result the improvement satisfaction and efficiency were low. More flexible and humane design approaches are needed instead of relying on supply rate and try to fully consider the characteristics of the challenged people without any discrimination.

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