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논문 상세정보

농산식품 안전성에 대한 생산자의 인식 및 정책인지도

Producers' Perceptions of Agricultural Food Safety and Policy


Recent trends of global food production, processing, distribution and preparation under free trade circumstance are creating an increase in common' concerns about food safety. It is important that farmers improve agricultural products/food safety for satisfying consumer needs and health. Cognizant to the situation, this study was conducted to analyze how the Producers gather information, and determine their awareness about agricultural Products safety using a safety Questionnaire. The Questionnaire was given to 500 farmers who cultivate rice, fruit trees, vegetables, and other crops from September through October 2005. More than half of the producers felt concerns about the agricultural products/foods safety. Uneasiness of the producers was higher amongst those who were younger and earned a higher income. Pesticides and zoonosis (BSE AI, etc.) emerged as the main risk factors causing concerns among the greatest number of producers. Producers had a positive opinion of the effects and perception of food safety, but no opinion of the activity of government. The producers showed a high level of understanding of the Country of Origin Labeling System (88.2%), the quality certification system of agricultural and livestock products (71.9%), and the raising system of environment-friendly agriculture (72.7%). However, their level of understanding of the GAP (59.3%) and the Traceability System (22.8%) was still low. To effectively implement these policies, awareness of producers who are the beneficiaries of the above policies has to be enhanced. Therefore, the safety information should be provided at a more appropriate time and should be easier to understand.

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