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논문 상세정보

복잡한 지형에서 변형 가능한 6족 로봇의 구현

Implementation of a Transformable Hexapod Robot for Complex Terrains


This paper deals with the path creation for stable action of a robot and transformation by using the fuzzy algorithm. Also, the obstacle detection and environmental analysis are performed by a stereo vision device. The robot decides the range and the height using the fuzzy algorithm. Therefore the robot can be adapted in topography through a transformation by itself. In this paper, the robot is designed to have two advantages. One is the fast movability in flat topography with the use of wheels. The other is the moving capability in uneven ground by walking. It has six leg forms for a stable walk. The wheels are fixed on the legs of the robot, so that various driving is possible. The height and the width of robot can be changed variously using four joints of each leg. The wheeled joint has extra DOF for a rotation of vertical axis. So the robot is able to rotate through 360 degrees. The robot has various sensors for checking the own state. The stable action of a robot is achieved by using sensors. We verified the result of research through an experiment.

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