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논문 상세정보

성대결절 환자에서 음성치료 효과를 예측할 수 있는 인자에 대한 연구

A Clinical Study of Predicable Factors of Voice Therapy Effect in Vocal Nodule Patients


Background and Objectives : Vocal nodule is common inflammatory vocal cord lesion which could be improved by voice rest or voice therapy. But some patients, who do not have any improvement after voice therapy, should take laryngomicorsurgery or additional long-term voice therapy. So we try to find prognostic factors which affect the results of voice therapy. Materials and Methods: There are 36 patients (response group) whose symptoms improved after initial voice therapy and 16 patients (no response group) whose symptoms did not improve at all. We compared clinical features (durations of symptoms, voice abuse, laryngopharyngeal reflux), GRBAS scale, acoustic analysis, aerodynamic analysis and voice handicap index between the two groups from January, 2006 to June, 2008. Results: Response group underwent voice therapy 4.5 times (ave.) and no response group underwent 6.7 times (ave.). No response group has longer duration of symptoms, higher GRBAS scale score, higher NIH ratio, and higher MFR than those of response group. Conclusion : This study found that the prognosis of voice therapy in patients who have longer duration of symptoms, high NIH ratio, and bad perceptional test result is not likely to be good. In those cases, we should recommend earlier surgery, voice therapy after surgery, and inform about the necessity of long-term voice rehabilitation or voice therapy in order to get favorable compliance.

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