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논문 상세정보

보건의료분야 전문가간 대학 교육에 대한 사례연구

A Review Study on Interprofessional College Education in Health Care Sector


Background & Objectives: Rising concerns about patient safety and looming health provider shortages were generating new recognition for an old idea. Interprofessional education means that two or more professions learn with, from and about other to improve collaboration and the quality of healthcare. The University of British Columbia established the College of Health Disciplines in 2001 to examine the merits of interprofessional health education. The objective of this study was to review UBC's interprofessional health education and to introduce the theoretical framework of interprofessional education for collaborative patient-centered practice. Methods: This study was conducted with the materials relevant to the interprofessional education. We reviewed the journals and Web site for this subject and we obtained interview data from administrators in the University of British Columbia, College of Health Disciplines. Results: We introduced interdisciplinary education for collaborative patient-centered practice model. It is assumed valuable model in preparing the interprofessional education as well as theoretical framework for implementation. We preseuted the example for interprofessional education of the College of Health Disciplines, University of British Columbia. Conclusion: We need to introduce the interprofessional education at the health care departments of University or College in Korea.

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