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논문 상세정보

인산염의 첨가와 침지가 저지방 소시지의 냉장저장 중 품질과 저장성에 미치는 영향

Effects of Phosphate Addition Alone or in Combined with Dipping in Trisodium Phosphate Solution on Product Quality and Shelf-life of Low-fat Sausages during Refrigerated Storage


본 연구는 인산염의 첨가와 침지가 저지방 소시지의 저장기간에 따른 품질 및 저장성을 평가하기 위해 실시하였다. 저지방 소시지에 0.4% STPP를 첨가하고, 10% TSP 용액에 침지함에 따라 pH값이 증가하였다. STPP의 첨가에 따라 적색도가 감소하는 반면, 10% TSP 침지구의 황색도는 증가하였다(p<0.05). 저장기간이 경과함에 따라 명도는 유의적으로 감소한 반면 적색도는 유의적으로 증가하였다(p<0.05). 약 5 Log CFU/g로 접종된 Listeria monocytogenes(LM) 균수는 저장기간이 경과함에 따라 4주에 8.03-8.22 Log CFU/g로 나타났고 8주에는 7.89 Log CFU/g로 약간 감소했다. 접종된 저지방 소시지의 저장 중 총균과 LM균의 성장은 10%의 TSP 침지에 의해 pH의 증가로 유의적으로 더 촉진된 것으로 판단된다. 이와 같은 결과를 종합하면 인산염 첨가 및 침지는 pH와 색도(명도와 황색도)에 영향을 주었으며 저장기간 중 뚜렷한 항균 및 항산화 효과는 없었다.


This study was performed to determine the quality characteristics and shelf-life of low-fat sausages (LFS) with 0.4% sodium tripolyphosphate (STPP) alone or in combination with a 10% trisodium phosphate (TSP) solution during refrigerated storage. When 0.4% STPP was added, no differences in pH values were observed. However, pH values increased with the addition of the TSP solution when 0.4% STPP was incorporated. The addition of STPP into LFS decreased redness and the dipping in the TSP solution increased yellowness (p<0.05). Total bacteria and Listeria monocytogenes, which inoculated Log $10^{3-4}$ colony forming units (CFU/g) were increased with increased storage time. At 4 wk of storage, total bacteria and Listeria monocytogenes reached levels of 8.03-8.22 Log CFU/g, however they decreased to 7.89 Log CFU/g at 8 wk of storage time. Due to the pH increases, Listeria monocytogenes significantly increased in LFS dipping with 10% TSP. Based on these results, LFS dipping with 10% TSP solution promoted the growth of Listeria monocytogenes, regardless of STPP addition. These results indicated that 0.4% STPP addition and dipping with TSP affected the pH and color, however, it didn't extend the shelf-life of LFSs during refrigerated storage.

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