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노인장기요양보험 제도 하에 제공되는 방문간호 서비스의 중요도와 성과도

Importance and Performances of Visiting Nurse Services Provided under the Long Term Care Insurance System for the Elderly


Purpose: This study was attempted to provide quality improvement and revitalization of visiting nurse services by Importance-Performance Analysis of persons being provided with the services. Methods: The subjects were 350 people being provided with visiting nurse services from a long term home care institution in the kangwon Province during the period of data collection between Aug. 16 and Sep. 15, 2011. Data analysis was conducted through t-test, ANOVA, and IPA by using the SPSS/WIN 12.0 program. Results: As a result of the Importance-Performance Analysis of visiting nurse services, it turned out that the strength on reliability, assurance, and empathy should be maintained with good work and the aspects of responsiveness appeared to be intensively improved, and the tangibility proved to be subject to improvement. Conclusion: For the activation of visiting nurse services, methods for improving the performance in the intensive care area and management strategy establishment which highlights the advantages of strength maintenance area are needed.

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이 논문을 인용한 문헌 (1)

  1. Kim, Jin Hak ; Song, Min Sun 2015. "The Health service performance frequency and educational needs among the visiting nurses of public health centers" 가정간호학회지, 22(1): 22~37 


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