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논문 상세정보

CFD를 이용한 컨테이너 선형의 트림별 저항성능 해석

Analysis of Resistance Performance for Various Trim Conditions on Container ship Using CFD


Vessels are traditionally optimized for a single condition, normally the contract speed at the design draft. The actual operating conditions quite often differ significantly. At other speed and draft combinations, adjusting the trim can often be used to reduce the hull resistance. Changing the trim is easily done by shifting ballast water. There are several ways to assess the effect of the trim on the hull resistance and fuel consumption, including in-service measurements, model tests, and CFD. In this paper, CFD is employed for the assessment of the resistance performance according to the trim conditions. The commercial CFD code of the STAR-CCM+ is utilized to evaluate the ship’s resistance performance on a 6,800 TEU container ship. To validate of the effectiveness of STAR-CCM+, the experimental result of the KCS hull form is compared with the result from STAR-CCM+. It is found that the total resistance of the 6,8000 TEU container ship was reduced by 2.6% in the case of a 1-m trim by head at 18knots.

저자의 다른 논문

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