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논문 상세정보

컴퓨터 비전과 GPS를 이용한 드론 자율 비행 알고리즘

Autonomous-flight Drone Algorithm use Computer vision and GPS


This paper introduces an algorithm to middle-low price drone's autonomous navigation flight system using computer vision and GPS. Existing drone operative system mainly contains using methods such as, by inputting course of the path to the installed software of the particular drone in advance of the flight or following the signal that is transmitted from the controller. However, this paper introduces new algorithm that allows autonomous navigation flight system to locate specific place, specific shape of the place and specific space in an area that the user wishes to discover. Technology developed for military industry purpose was implemented on a lower-quality hobby drones without changing its hardware, and used this paper's algorithm to maximize the performance. Camera mounted on middle-low price drone will process the image which meets user's needs will look through and search for specific area of interest when the user inputs certain image of places it wishes to find. By using this algorithm, middle-low price drone's autonomous navigation flight system expect to be apply to a variety of industries.

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