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논문 상세정보

신선편의식품 포장기술

Packaging technology of fresh-cut produce


Processing steps such as washing and cutting, involved in preparing fresh-cut produce causes tissue damage, leading to rapid quality deterioration. Major defects of fresh-cut produce are discoloration, softening, off-odor development, and microbial growth. Packaging of fresh-cut produce has been changed to reduce these quality problems. Flexible packaging film is widely used to pack fresh-cut produce. Vacuum packaging was the popular packaging method in the beginning of fresh-cut industry in Korea. Vacuum packaging creates high $CO_2$ and low $O_2$ levels to control browning of fresh-cut produce. However, these conditions induce some visual defects and off-odor development. Discoloration problem was also found when fresh-cut produce was packaged with conventional packaging film or plastic tray. Modified atmosphere (MA) packaging is effective for prolonging shelf-life of fresh-cut produce by decreasing $O_2$ and increasing $CO_2$ concentration in the package. Retail MA packaging using different oxygen transmission rate (OTR) film and micro-perforated film has started to be applied to fresh-cut produce in Korea. Proper MA package design that provides optimum range of $O_2$ and $CO_2$ partial pressures is one of the major challenges in the industry. An initial package flushing with $N_2$ or an low $O_2$/high $CO_2$ atmosphere is also used to more rapidly establish steady-state MA condition. Film OTR and $O_2$ flushing affects the fermentative volatile production, off-odor development, electrolyte leakage, discoloration, $CO_2$ injury, microbial population of fresh-cut produce. There is also a demand for convenient packaging to attract consumers. Rigid fresh-cut produce container for retail market has increased since the packaging provides excellent protection from physical damage during transport. Rigid tray used as actual serving vessel for the consumer is increasing in Korea. The tray with flexible lid to wrap or seal fresh-cut produce is more and more gaining popularity. Further practical technology to control quality change and microbial growth for each fresh-cut product has been studied since various fresh-cut items were required. The fresh-cut industry also focuses on searching for more convenient and environmentally friendly packaging.


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