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논문 상세정보

중국 종합병원 표준 병동부 공간구성 및 면적에 관한 연구

A Study on the Space configuration and Area of the Standard Ward in General Hospital in China


Purpose: The ward division is a representative part of the hospital, where a variety of user activities are performed. Users can be broadly categorized as patients and carers, visitors, and medical staff (doctors and nurses). The relationship between these two is a major issue with ward planning as the patient's place of life centers around the hospital room and the task of the clinical workforce centers around the nursing station (NS). Against this backdrop, the study divides the ward units of the General Hospital of China into patient areas, medical team areas, supply areas, and public domain, with the focus on the ward areas affecting most significantly in the hospital patients. Methods: The theoretical advance studies of the standard ward unit are identified by the associated guidelines, articles, and documentation. Results: This study is a summary analysis of relevant regulations, reference literature, and drawing data from the target hospital. Further work is expected to be undertaken, including further surveys and observational surveys, to produce more detailed results. Implications: It is expected that the research in this paper will provide an effective reference for the future research of China General Hospital Ward department, so as to promote and improve the work system of China General Hospital Ward department.

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