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논문 상세정보

돌봄 측정 관련 국내 간호학 연구 문헌고찰: 양적 연구를 중심으로

A Review of the Korean Nursing Research Literature with Focus on Quantitative Measurement of Caring


Purpose: The purpose of this study is to review the quantitative research literature on measuring caring in order to identify overall trends in measuring caring. Methods: Fifty three papers were selected from four databases including RISS4U, DBpia, KISS, and Korea Med. Results: The number of measuring caring papers has increased since 2000. Approximately 60 % of the total papers were descriptive and correlative design researches with convenience sampling. Jean Waston's theory was the most popular conceptual framework, but much of the research tended to be conducted without any conceptual framework. In that kind of research, 'caring' terms were used without definition. The most frequently used term for the concept of caring was nurses' caring behaviors. Also, 'nurses' was one of the most popular subjects. Thirty six measuring caring instruments were used. Twenty were developed in foreign countries and translated into Korean. The others were developed originally in Korean. Interpersonal Caring Technique - Communication Skills Scale, based on the interpersonal process model, was the most frequently used tool. Among the translated instruments, Coates' Caring Efficacy Scale was the most popular. Some instruments were used without validation. Conclusion: These results provide basic data on measuring caring and indicate directions for further research. In particular, validation studies of measuring caring instruments are needed.

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