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논문 상세정보

호텔 공간디자인에 나타난 장소성 표현양상에 관한 연구

A Study on the Aspect of Placeness Expression in Hotel Space Design


As the standard for the value of modern people's life increases, hotels make efforts for the users' qualitative and mental satisfaction. As an approach to hotel space design differentiated for new experiences for travelers, a design that reflects the placeness is needed so that people can experience the local culture and historical meaning of the place. Thus, this study divides the components of placeness into physical factors, socio-cultural factors, and semantic factors. As for methods for the design expression of placeness formation, physical factors are classified as the connection to surrounding environments, center, passage, and area. Socio-cultural factors are classified as cultural experiences in the place. Semantic factors are classified as symbolism and historicity. For a case analysis in this study, overseas four-star hotels or higher, where placeness stood out are analyzed, based on the above-extracted components of placeness. As a result of the analysis, the hotels in the cases showed an aspect of expression that emphasized semantic factors despite there were differences in the detailed expression method, depending on the designers. The expression of the place that reflected locality and temporality showed the connection of time, connecting the past with the present. In the future, only the design expression based on the historical and symbolic meanings of the place will be the experience that remains in the users' memories, very precisely.

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