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논문 상세정보


This paper aims to assess the effect of herbal extract mixture, Ahn Tonic, on hair growth and examine the stability of this percutaneous hair growth ointment. The hair on the back of the mice C57b1/6N was removed, and 1% of the TXN(testosterone) was then applied for a week to prevent the hair growth. The experimental group was then treated with Ahn Tonic, 0.2 mL per day. The degree of newly grown hair was observed with a vernier caliper. We also measured the proportion of the newly growing hair section to the entire shaved section in the 4th week and 8th week by distinguishing the section turning black from the shaved area. To observe the effect of the test chemical product on hair follicles and hair roots, the biopsy was executed between week 4 and week 8. Gene expressions, which operate as a factor for growing hair in the skin tissues extracted from each experimental animals, were also observed through a real-time PCR gene amplification method. The results showed that the Ahn tonic group had statistically significant hair restoring effect compared to the control group in terms of microscopy, biopsy, and gene expressions. Ahn Tonic is considered to have an impact on the hair growth.

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