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논문 상세정보

초등 과학영재 학생과 일반 학생의 과학 동시 특성 및 과학 동시 쓰기에 대한 인식 비교

Comparing Characteristics and Perceptions of Writing Science Poems for Scientifically-Gifted and General Elementary Students


This study compared the characteristics of scientific poems written by scientifically-gifted and general elementary students, and their perceptions of writing scientific poem. To do this, 5~6 graders (n=100) at two gifted science education institutes and 5~6 graders (n=93) at a elementary school in Seoul were selected. Scientific poems written by the students were analyzed according to their numbers and types. Their perceptions of writing scientific poems were also analyzed through a questionnaire and group interviews. The analysis of the results revealed that the general students wrote more scientific poems than the scientifically-gifted students for thirty minutes. The general students mainly named the titles in a direct way, while scientifically-gifted students did it in an implicit way. The free verse poems in both general students and scientifically-gifted students appeared most frequently, and the prose or narrative poems also often appeared. The general and scientifically-gifted students frequently used impersonation, and some students did not use metaphors. They didn't connect the scientific knowledge for multiple grade. While the poems of the general students evenly included the scientific knowledge for various academic fields, those of scientifically-gifted students tended to include the scientific knowledge for physics or chemistry. The poems of scientifically-gifted students tended to include more science process skills, especially in basic inquiry skills, than those of general students. The scientifically-gifted students wrote scientific poems in a more expanded form regarding the scientific knowledge, than the general students. Scientifically-gifted students perceived the educational benefits of writing scientific poems more positively based on various cognitive and affective aspects. However, many scientifically-gifted and general students had also several difficulties in the processes of writing scientific poems. Educational implications of these findings are discussed.

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