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In July and October of this year, the government announced the 'Green new deal plan within the Korean new deal policy' and 'Strategies for proliferation of future vehicles and market preoccupation'. And, in response to changes in the global climate agreement, it has decided to expand green mobility such as electric vehicles and hydrogen electric vehicles with the aim of a "net-zero" society. Accordingly, the goal is to build 310 hydrogen refueling stations along with the supply of 60,000 hydrogen vehicles in 2022, and the hydrogen infrastructure is being expanded. however, it is difficult to secure hydrogen infrastructure due to expensive construction costs and difficulty the selection of a site. In Korea, it is possible to build a mobile hydrogen station according to the safety standards covering special case of the Ministry of Industry. Since the mobile hydrogen station can be charged while moving between authorized place, it has the advantage of being able to meet a large number of demands with only one hydrogen refueling station, so it is proposed as a model suitable for the early market of hydrogen infrastructure. This study demonstrates the establishment of a hydrogen refueling station by deriving a virtual accident scenario for leakage and catastrupture for each facility for the risk factors in a mobile hydrogen station, and performing a quantitative risk assessment through the derived scenario. Through the virtual accident scenario, direction of demonstration and implications for the construction of a mobile hydrogen refueling station were derived.


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