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논문 상세정보


Metabus, currently represented by Second Life on the Internet, is the next-generation 3DCG Internet world in which the 2D Internet world has evolved, and has grown as a new ICT culture of mankind that can replace real society with virtual society. As such, the reason why the world of metabus has rapidly expanded is that the era of 3D Internet has arrived due to the evolution of the Internet, which only used information, and the spread of 5G communication in user-participating WEB. However, there are many situations in which laws do not exist in this virtual world and various illegal acts occur. As the Internet culture developed earlier, illegal activities by users began to appear, and as the legal responsibility of Internet providers was discussed, mankind quickly passed the Millennium Copyright Act or introduced new copyright protection measures such as technical protection, transmission rights, and rights management information. Therefore, this paper reviews and studies how to accept and further grow this new metabus culture, including the viewpoint of intellectual property.

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