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논문 상세정보

서비스품질의 결정요인이 고객만족과 서비스 애호도에 미치는 영향 - 미용실을 중심으로

A Study on How the Decisive Factors of Service Quality Affect Costumer Satisfaction and Service Loyalty


Owing to the domestic depression, excessive competition and income decrease, it is true that it is getting more and more difficult for Beauty Industry to get new customers and keep them as repeat customers. In order to survive in unlimited competition, businesses have to fulfill a variety of wants for customers. The result of this research is the following; Firstly, the outcome of verifying hypothesis, 'The better service Quality, the more customer Satisfaction' has shown that Service Quality has a positive effect on Customer Satisfaction statistically. In other words, it is found that the decisive factors of Service quality definitely has an impact on Customer Satisfaction. Secondly, the result of verifying hypothesis, 'The more Customer Satisfaction, the more Service Loyalty' has drawn that Customer Satisfaction statistically has a positive effect on Service Loyalty. According to the result, Customer Satisfaction is more essential variable factor of Service Loyalty than anything else. Therefore, it would be necessary to equip the system for managing Customer Satisfaction strategically, rather than increase in Customer Satisfaction depending on considering Service Quality and improve Service Loyalty through it. It is more desirable to make customers satisfied and stand out some parts among the satisfying factors than efforts on maximize all the decisive factors of Service Quality. It seems that Beauty Service Industry is able to achieve a goal, Customer Satisfaction effectively by emphasizing on the attitude to assisting customers, which requires the minimum service level but the most competitive factor. Providing a little more service than general can not only get rid of customer complaints but also boost customer satisfaction. This research suggests that it is necessary that Beauty Salon Manager should manage all the decisive factors of Service Quality selectively depending on the priority. Consequently, all of the managers of Beauty Service Industry should be in pursuit of the factors of customer satisfaction and dissatisfaction by considering features of their own beauty salons prior to considering general service quality. Customer satisfaction for the beauty customers is a foundation of the existence and growth of the business and the source of earnings. I have no choice but to point it out as a limitation of this research that it hardly make out the organizational relationship between service loyalty and the other variable factors on the method of survey because service loyalty remains covering a considerable period of time, and in consequence has an effect on the product of the business over the period of time as well. In addition, it is doubtful whether the feature of service quality is fully reflected or not. Since I abstract the sample of demonstrating research from customers of beauty salons in Daegu, ther is a fundamental limitation in being generalized by restrictive research result which is biased against a specific area. Therefore a variety of preceding variable factors should be studied in the research afterwards.

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