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논문 상세정보

최근 미국의 정보전문가 교육의 동향과 한국 사서교육과정 개정의 기본방향

Recent Trends in Education and Training for Information Professionals in the U. S. and Their Impact on Library Education Programs in Korea


This short survey article examines the current curricula for library and information science education in the U. S. in order to implement them for our professional education in the field in Korea so as to produce qualified and competent graduates. Some of the prevailing trends in education and training for information professionals in the U. S. are as follows: 1. Library schools tend to incorporate information science into library school curricula to reflect their emphasis on this area, and attempt to develop close ties with all segments of the information industry; 2. Library schools actively participate in cooperative research with other agencies to explore ways of solving problems; 3. There is a diversity of education and training programs to meet the needs of a wide variety of information professionals, with library school faculty members being drawn from a wide range of scholarly disciplines; 4. New methods of teaching are being developed to support research and instructional activities; 5. There has been a significant change in the composition of the student body, now given a strong voice in the administration of the library school.

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