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개에서 발생한 주관절 탈구와 완관절 아탈구의 방사선학적 진단

Radiological Diagnosis of Elbow Luxation and Subluxation of Carpal Joint in the Dog


The purpose of this report Is to discribe the radiological findings of traumatic elbow luxation and subluxation of carpal joint which were caused by being hit by a wild animal and forced hyperextension of carpus in two hunting dogs. In case 1, carniocaudal and mediolateral radiographic examination of the elbow joint revealed that the radius that the radius and ulna were completely luxated laterally. The lateral projection showed the humeral condyles overlying the radial head with an absent joint space, but displacement is apparent on the craniocaudal projection. Incidence of collateral ligament rupture in conjunction with elbow luxation was not recognized on physical examination of the limb after closed reduction. Radiographic examination of the elbow made 5 months after closed reduction revealed only mild degenerative joint disease. Radiographic examination of the carpus in case 2 demonstrated palmar subluxation of most carpal joints including antebrachiocarpal, mediocarpal carpometacarpal joints, and some intercarpal joints, and avulsion fracture of the palmar surface of the accessory carpal bone. However, the mediocarpal and carpometacarpal joints were most severely affected by tensile forces of hyperextension, and it was concluded that the ligaments of the middle ca,pal joints and carpometacarpal joints as well as the palmar fibrocartilage were ruptured based on clinical and radiographic findings. In elbow luxation and subluxation of carpal Joints of the dog, differentiation of the joint or joints involved, and ligamentous structures damaged is important in determining whether surgery Is necessary and which procedure is most appropriate. And the radiographic findings of these conditions would be of help to practitioners.

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