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논문 상세정보

병원 고객만족도 측정방법에 대한 비교분석

Comparative Analysis of Models for Measuring Consumer Satisfaction in Health Care Organization


Objectives : The SERVQUAL scale is based on gap theory, which suggests the difference between consumers' expectations and the quality of the medical service actually received. However, problems in the implementation of the SERVQUAL scale have been identified by several researchers. Some researchers have proposed a simple performance-based measure (SERVPERF) or au exportation-controlled performance-based measure(Non-Diff) as alternatives to the SERVQUAL scale. On the basis of the theoretical concerns discussed, we examined the capability of each of the three scales(SERVQUAL, Non-Diff, SERVPERF) to explain variations in consumer satisfaction. Methods : Data was gathered from a self-administered questionnaire in a 430 bed hospital. Questionnaires evaluating medical services were distributed to 180 ambulatory patients. A total of 167 usable questionnaires were gathered. The questionnaire was composed of 10 expectation, performance and expectation-controlled performance items. In addition, overall satisfaction and purchase intention were measured. Results : Compared with the SERVQUAL scale, the Non-Diff and SERVPERF scales better explained the observed variations in consumer satisfaction(SERVOQUAL, $R^2=0.29;\;Non-Diff,\;R^2=0.51;\;SERVPERF,\;R^2=0.48$) and purchase intention(SERVQUAL, $R^2=0.22;\;Non-Diff,\;R^2=0.33;\;SERVPERF,\;R^2=0.34$). Conclusion : The maier conclusion from our study is that the Non-Diff and SERVPERF scales are more efficient in assessing consumer satisfaction than the SERVQUAL scale. Therefore we suggest that consumer satisfaction he measured by the Non-Diff or SEVPERF scales.

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이 논문을 인용한 문헌 (2)

  1. Kim, Eun-Hee ; Kam, Sin ; Lee, Kyung-Eun ; Han, Chang-Hyun ; Park, Ki-Soo 2001. "Factors Affecting on Organizational Commitment of Military Hospital Nursing Officers" 보건행정학회지 = Korean journal of health policy and administration, 11(4): 109~128 
  2. Kim, Byeong-Gun ; Yang, Jong-Hyun ; Chang, Dong-Min 2012. "A Study on the Medical Services Satisfaction of Cancer Patients in Busan Area" 한국산학기술학회논문지 = Journal of the Korea Academia-Industrial cooperation Society, 13(1): 236~246 


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