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논문 상세정보

익명의 알콜중독자(AA) 모임 참여군의 심리적 통제에 대한 예측인자 - 이기심, 부정직, 분노 및 두려움(SDRF) 통제를 중심으로

Predictors of Successful Control for Selfishness, Dishonesty, Resentment and Fear (SDRF) among Korean Alcoholics Anonymous Members


Objectives : To examine predictors of successful control for selfishness, dishonesty, resentment, and fear(SDRF) among Korean Alcoholics Anonymous(AA) members. Methods : This study was a cross-sectional study. The study group included members from 18 different AA groups which were enrolled in the Korean AA Association in 1998. 207 Out of 300 self administered questionnaires were completed by AA members (response rate 69.0%). Alcoholics who attended AA meetings were divided into two groups according to their self reported level of success in SDRF control; one with very successful experience after AA participation and the other with little or no success. In this study, the general characteristics, AA activities, relapse experience, and degree of effort exerted for SDRF control were compared between two groups. In order to study predictors of successful SDRF control after joining AA, 4 logistic regression analyses were performed for each of the 4 SDRF indices. Results : The proportion of those reporting a 'very successful' experience was 19.9% for selfishness, 20.7% for dishonesty, 25.5% for resentment, and 24.7% for fear. After control for the effect of general characteristics, the practice of the 12th step(taking alcoholics to an AA meeting after conveying messages) was found to be a significant predictor for the successful control of both selfishness(OR=6.04) and the dishonesty(OR=7.77). And individuals making every effort for SDRF control showed more successful control of selfishness(OR=4.10), dishonesty(OR=4.01, and fear(OR=34.89). Conclusions : Bivariate and multivariate analyses demonstrated that especially practicing the 12th step and making every effort themselves, may help alcoholics to control SDRF successfully after joining AA.

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