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논문 상세정보


In this paper, the VR(Virtual Reality) simulation system is developed to analyze driver's perceptive response on the ASV(Advanced Safety Vehicle). The ASV is the vehicle of next generation equipped with various warning systems. For the purpose, the VR simulation system consists of VR database, vehicle dynamic model, graphic/sound system, and driving system. The VR database which generates 3D graphic and sound information is organized for the driving reality. Mathematical models of vehicle dynamic analysis are constructed to represent the dynamic behavior of a vehicle. The driving system and the graphic/sound system provide a driver with the operation of a vehicle and the feedback of a driving situation. Also, the real-time simulation algorithm synchronizes the vehicle dynamic model with the VR database. To check the validity of the developed system, a simple scenario is applied to investigate driver's perceptive response time and vehicle acceleration on an emergency situation. It is confirmed that the proposed system is useful and helpful to design the FVCWS(Forward Vehicle Collision Warning System).

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