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논문 상세정보

여대생들의 체중에 대한 인식과 신체 부위별 만족도

Recognition of Body Weight and Body Part Satisfaction in Female College Students


Diet is an important focus in solidifying the fundamentals of health; thus, it is necessary to offer and manage accurate and correct information. This study examined the effects of body part satisfaction and attitude on diet, in female college students, who are known to be very interested in their appearances and tend to have a strong propensity to consume. The data were gathered using questionnaires answered by 101 female college students living in Daegu City, after classifying the women into normal weight and overweight groups, respectively. According to the analyzed results, there were no significant differences in satisfaction by body part between the normal weight and overweight groups, however, both groups were found to be dissatisfied with the following body parts, in the order of: thighs > legs > and hips. The motivation factors for weight control were found to be in order: not having a boyfriend > lacking of confidence > seeing slender entertainment stars, and there were no significant differences between the two groups. Finally, the main reasons for weight control were in order: appearance > health > getting a job. It is anticipated that these results will contribute to preparing systematic solutions to promote healthy diets and body satisfaction in society, and will help bring a desirable change in perceptions about diet.

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