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논문 상세정보

새로운 막걸리 개발과 대중화를 위한 남녀의 연령별 소비행태 및 제안

Consumption Pattern and Strategies to Increase Popularity of Makoli according to Age Groups in Men and Women


The purpose of this study was to assess the consumption patterns of Makoli and to provide age-specific suggestions to increase the popularity of newly developed products. The subjects of the study were 373 men and 329 women, and information was obtained by self-administered questionnaire in December of 2010. One major finding of the study was that regardless of gender, consumption of Makoli was correlated to age: older respondents drank more Makoli. Those in their thirties and older, especially women, drank Makoli at home with family. The reasons given for liking or disliking Makoli differed among age groups, but were the same between genders. More subjects in their twenties liked Makoli because of its distinctive taste, while more in their forties liked it for its cultural value. Subjects in their thirties disliked it because it caused headaches, while more in their forties complained of burping. Both genders in their twenties suggested that TV and internet advertisements may be the best strategy to increase the popularity of newly developed Makoli products, and women in their forties suggested promoting Makoli's health benefits. The low calorie content of new Makoli products appealed to women of all age groups and men in their twenties and thirties. Women in their forties were also attracted by Makoli's possible effect to alleviate constipation.

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