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논문 상세정보

기피비용과 수송비용을 고려한 기피시설 입지문제

An unwanted facility location problem with negative influence cost and transportation cost


In the location science, environmental effect becomes a new main consideration for site selection. For the unwanted facility location selection, decision makers should consider the cost of resolving the environmental conflict. We introduced the negative influence cost for the facility which was inversely proportional to distance between the facility and residents. An unwanted facility location problem was suggested to minimize the sum of the negative influence cost and the transportation cost. The objective cost function was analyzed as nonlinear type and was neither convex nor concave. Three GRASP (Greedy Randomized adaptive Search Procedure) methods as like Random_GRASP, Epsilon_GRASP and GRID_GRASP were developed to solve the unwanted facility location problem. The Newton's method for nonlinear optimization problem was used for local search in GRASP. Experimental results showed that quality of solution of the GRID_GRASP was better than those of Random_GRASP and Epsilon_GRASP. The calculation time of Random_GRASP and Epsilon_GRASP were faster than that of Grid_GRASP.

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