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논문 상세정보

일본의 빈집을 활용한 지역사회 커뮤니티 거점공간 분석 - 교토시 「빈집활용 & 마을만들기」 모델 프로젝트를 중심으로

Analysis of Local Community Spaces Bringing Empty Homes Back into Use in Japan - Focused on Empty Home Utilization Model Project of Kyoto City -


Purpose: By identifying the contents of the "Empty Home Utilization & Community Revitalization Model Project" which is a pilot project of empty homes back into use in Kyoto City and analyzing the characteristics of the case housing, the purpose of this study is to find out implications and suggest improvements for the domestic empty home utilization project. Methods: The scope of the survey covers seven project sites in the period from 2014 to 2016. The research method is to derive the physical and operational characteristics of the project, through the literature reviews related to bringing empty homes back into use in Kyoto City and the field survey including the space measurement and the operator interview. Results: First, in order to succeed in bringing empty homes back into use for community revitalization, the selection process of the project and the role of the public in and after supporting the project are important. Second, the important features that are required as a physical characteristic of the project are an advantage in location and an interactive space that is available at all time like a community cafe at the entrance. Third, as an operational characteristic of the empty home utilization project, it is advantageous for the local residents to participate as a business actor or an operator, and it is the continuous use of residents and outsiders by implementing an operating program that is suitable for the characteristics of the local community. Implications: The physical and operational activation factors to bring empty homes back into use need to be included as the project screening standards. And it is necessary for the public to develop the Intermediate Support Organization and to participate in linking with residents in order to carry out the empty homes utilization project effectively.

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