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논문 상세정보

영어·IT와 관광·컨벤션영어의 융합교육과정 개발

The Development of Converged Curriculums of English & Information Technology and Tourism/Convention & English

영미어문학 no.92 , 2009년, pp.265 - 291  
박상수, 권선희, 김수환, 정희태

The aim of this research is to develop a converged curriculum for students who major either in English and Information Technology or English and Tourism/Convention simultaneously. The converged curriculum is to put into operation by the Division of English, Pusan University of Foreign Studies. This curriculum is designed to promote the mutual understanding of regular academic subjects and works in the integrated majoring course of English & Information Technology and Tourism/Convention & English in the Division of English. Given the 21st century that is featured by information technology society and tertiary service industry such as convention and tourism without national barriers among countries, university students should prepare for their future life in the global age as a glocalized(=globalized and localized) expert who can challenge to dynamic future environments with competency and creativity. Therefore, departments concerned in the university should provide students with a curriculum which can lead the spirit of time and can meet the demand of industry in the real circumstances. To complete the feasible and practical curriculum for students who will work for information technology, convention, tourism or knowledge industry after graduation, it is presupposed that the course of study ought to fully reflect the demand of relevant regional industries and harmoniously consist of subjects whose theoretical contents automatically reduced into practice in the field work. In this respect, the curriculum proposed here will satisfy the need of related students and industries.

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