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운동프로그램이 성인여성의 체력, 심폐기능 및 생활만족도에 미치는 효과

The Effects of an Exercise Program on Physical Fitness, Cardiopulmonary Function and Life Satisfaction for Adult Women


Purpose: This study was to examine the effects of an exercise program on physical fitness, cardiopulmonary function and life satisfaction for adult women. Method: The exercise program combined dance and resistance training. The subject group consisted of 114 women aged between 33 and 60. Three 8-week sessions consisted of 55-80% HR max for 60-90 minutes a day and 3 times a week from March to November, 2004. Data were collected through pre- and post-exercise tests before and after each session. Data were collected with dynamometer, sphygmomamometer, spirometer and structured questionnaires. Data were analyzed employing descriptive statistics and paired t-test with SPSS/PC(10.0version) program. Results: There were significantly positive changes in muscle strength, flexibility, balance quality, forced vital capacity and life satisfaction, but no significantly positive changes in agility and blood pressure. Conclusion: This study showed that an exercise program has partially positive effects for adult women. The results of this study suggest that there should be programs of continuous exercise at community health centers for adult women's health.

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