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논문 상세정보

6WS/6WD 차량의 독립조향 및 구동 제어알고리즘에 관한 연구

A Study on Independent Steering & Driving Control Algorithm for 6WS/6WD Vehicle


Multi-axle driving vehicles that are used in special environments require high driving performance, steering performance, and stability. Among these vehicles, 6WS/6WD vehicles with middle wheels have structural safety by distributing the load and reducing the pitch angle during rapid acceleration and braking. 6WS/6WD vehicles are favored for military use in off road operations because of their high maneuverability and mobility on extreme terrains and obstacles. 6WD vehicles that using in-wheel motor can generate the independent wheel torque without other mechanical parts. Conventional vehicles, however, cannot generate an opposite driving force at each side wheel. Using an independent steering and driving system, six-wheel vehicles can show better performance than conventional vehicles. Using of independent steering and driving system, the 6 wheel vehicle can improve a performance better than conventional vehicle. This vehicle enhances the maneuverability under low speed and the stability at high speed. This paper describes an independent 6WS/6WD vehicle, consists of three parts; Vehicle Model, Control Algorithm for 6WS/6WD and Simulation. First, vehicle model is application of TruckSim software for 6WS and 6WD. Second, control algorithm describes the optimum tire force distribution method in view of energy saving. Last is simulation and verification.

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