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논문 상세정보

토종닭 농장주 및 가공업자가 바라본 토종닭 산업의 미래 방향

Future Business Direction of Korean Native Chicken: Farmer and Processor Perspectives


The aim of this study was to investigate the difficulties that Korean farmers and processors currently experience with respect to the market for Korean native chicken (KNC). This study also provides suggestions by which they can overcome these difficulties. In all, sixty-nine farmers and sixty-two processors participated in our investigation, which addressed 1) the current difficulties that KNC farmers face, 2) the current importance-satisfaction measures among KNC farmers and processors, and 3) the future direction of the KNC market: farmer and processor opinions. The respondents stated that the limited number of sales stores was the most difficult market condition they faced in raising KNC, followed by feed cost, animal disease, and poor production environment. Regarding issues of importance and satisfaction, origin in raising step and slaughtering in the processing and distribution step were considered the areas most in urgent need of improvement, given farmers' and processors' high levels of dissatisfaction with these. Both the free-range farming system and the concept of animal welfare are growing in importance, given consumers' interests in these areas. As to opinions on the direction of KNC development, menu development was cited as most important, followed by public advertisement, accessibilities, business aid, and breed development. Consequently, the results show that well-organized support from both the government and related industries is needed, as chicken farmers and processors cannot resolve certain limitations inherent in the KNC industry on their own.

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