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논문 상세정보

병원 간호사의 안전 간호활동에 영향을 미치는 요인

Factors Influencing Safety Care Activities of Hospital Nurses


Purpose: The purpose of this study was to investigate the relationships among fatigue, patient safety culture and safety care activities of hospital nurses, and to identify and explain factors influencing safety care activities. Methods: The research participants were 187 nurses from a urban general hospital located in Korea. Self-evaluation questionnaires were used to collect the data. Data collection was done from January 10 to 31, 2019. Data were analyzed using descriptive statistics, independent t-test, One-way ANOVA, Pearson correlation coefficients and multiple regression with the SPSS 24.0 program. Results: There were significant negative relationships between fatigue and safety care activities (r=-.22, p=.003), and significant positive relationships between patient safety culture and safety care activities (r=.22, p=.003). Factors influencing safety care activities in hospital nurses were identified as type of unit (ICU) (${\beta}=.28$), patient safety culture (${\beta}=.24$) and fatigue (${\beta}=-.19$). The explanation power of this regression model was 16% and it was statistically significant (F=8.29, p<.001). Conclusion: These results suggest the need to develop further management strategies for enhancement of safety care activities in hospital. To improve the levels of patient safety, education programs on patient safety should be developed and provided to nurses in hospitals.

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