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논문 상세정보

메타버스 리얼리티를 위한 공유 모빌리티 기반 국부적 미세먼지 관측 기술 연구

A Study on the Local Particulate Matter Monitoring Technology using Shared-Use Mobilities for Metaverse Reality


In this study, we developed a 'shared-use mobility'-mounted local particulate matter monitoring terminal technology to measure the actual particulate matter concentration around me. As a mobile terminal device in the form of an IoT sensor platform, it is designed to be separated into a control module and a sensor module to minimize interference between sensors and to consider the optimal observation position of each sensor. As a result of the field test, it was confirmed that particulate matter was locally different depending on time and space even within the same area. In addition, it was confirmed that the concentration of particulate matter in the relevant section differed by up to 100 times compared to the surrounding area due to specific sources of particulate matter such as unpaved roads. In addition, we positively reviewed the applicability of the service in the real-time metaverse environment using this result. Through technological advancement and application of multiple shared-use mobilities, we expect to be able to provide new services for practical smart city air environment monitoring, such as localized particulate matter information, air pollution event information, and identification of causes of particulate matter.

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